Fall Writing Frenzy

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

Counting Geese 

by Megan Ray Durkin 


Can you count the wild geese, 

landing in the field? 


One flies at the very front, 

air breaks at its shield. 


Two come whooshing past you. 

Hold onto your hat! 


Three skim low across the pond, 

skidding with a splash. 


Four fly over the orchard, 

catching scents of spice. 


Five sail in a perfect V, 

settling on the ice. 


Six toot to the others, 

remembering landings past. 


Seven beaks hide under wings, 

nestled in the grass. 


Eight go up to honk the route, 

as a pale moon starts to rise. 


Nine will wait for stragglers. 

No goose left behind. 


Ten salute your waving hand, 

filling half the sky. 


Will you see the geese again? 

Count them as they fly.

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