How we Celebrate

Once the sugary Halloween kickoff to the holiday season is over we snuggle into the pace we have developed at our school to comfortably enjoy the time between October 31 and December 31. Much of the comfort lies in our observation of Montessori principles in all we do with the children. We keep to our familiar routines as families feel theirs perhaps scattering or speeding up. Our cooking classes take place on Thursdays so we can reap the rewards at the snack table the next day or take them home to share with family. Rolling and grinding, stirring and measuring skills are practiced but an additional benefit of cooking together is to give the children an opportunity to develop a love of preparing food with friends. Each week there are numerous requests before Thursday arrives of, "Is it cooking day today?"

We make herb bead and cranberry-orange relish just in time for a contribution to the Thanksgiving table.
In December we explore traditional European dishes, like potato latkes and Santa Lucia buns.

As is the custom at our school gift giving often involves a cooking project and our last one of the year is a festive holiday sleigh made of graham crackers and decorated with lots and lots of love.


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