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School Connections

This time of year brings many visitors to the children's house. While giving tours to prospective families and answering questions about decisions looming for parents of matriculating students, I stretch in my role as communicator. Striving for key points to stress about Montessori and education in general I am drawn to the idea of connection. Young children tend to develop emotional attachments to what is familiar and comfortable for them. The Montessori philosophy of education holds the environment of the child as one of the most important elements in development. Many who have not perhaps read much about Montessori, or seen it in daily action as we do,  may not realize the importance of this environment on the development of the child.

A central tenet of Montessori’s pedagogy and philosophy holds that children must be free to follow their natural interests, leading to opportunities to develop their potential and increasing their knowledge of the world. Within the prepar…

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