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Cooking in the Children's House--#2 Orchard Applesauce

Apple Harvest O down in the orchard 'Tis harvest time,
And up the tall ladders the fruit pickers climb.
Among the green branches
That sway overhead
The apples are hanging
All rosy and red.
Just ripe for the picking,
All juicy and sweet.
So pretty to look at
And lovely to eat.--Helen Leuty

One of the great pleasures of fall here in the Midwest is a trip to the apple orchard. It is our tradition to take the first field trip of the school year to a local orchard and then come back and make delicious from scratch applesauce. This process--literally orchard to snack table--gives the children a real sense of how one of their favorite foods is created.
First stop is a tour of the apple orchard
then inside to the sorting area with a peek at the pie and cider making

and the cold storage room! this orchard has a donut machine...
and lets each child take home a bag of apples!

Back at school we get to the applesauce making-- As it cooks it spreads an aroma of cinnamon apple deliciousness throughout the …

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