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Summer is a great time for children to explore the world around them, experience the joy of self-discovery and enjoy a variety of age-appropriate activities geared for their individual needs and interests. As a Montessori Children's House camper, your child will get all of this and more. Our child-centered Montessori summer camp is playful, relaxed, and fun. It is an ideal change of pace for the summer months for our 2.5 – 8+ year old campers. We combine the best of Montessori – love of learning, free choice, independence, mutual respect, and hands on learning– with the charms only summer can afford – plenty of sprinkler and water fun, outdoor games, nature walks, gardening, fantasy play, arts and crafts, cooking, sewing, science experiments, and picnic lunches. Your child will make friendships through play, improve motor, language, and socialization skills, and continue their personal path of growth.

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