Cooking in the Children's House--Fall

Oh, glorious harvest time!
It is such a joy to share the bounty of the garden with children when school starts again in the fall. They marvel at the dangling bunch of potatoes pulled from the ground and the bounty of heavy tomatoes hanging from vines. Some of the older students are extremely excited as they recall planting these very plants or seeds before the school year ended in spring. The experience of connection to the earth and the nourishment of their bodies brings it all full circle.
"What can we make with this?", they ask as a carrot comes up out of the earth. Picking a bean from a pyramid of leaves, they run to ask, "Can I just EAT this right now?"
That is, of course, the beauty of having the children's garden right there in the schoolyard. The Montessori method is extended to the outdoors in such a natural way for the children to explore, discover, take care of and consume the small miracles of the earth.
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