Healthy Kids

We are once again preparing for a MCH parent workshop. This offering in early March will be centered around children's health -- with information on nutrition, exercise, yoga, getting OUTSIDE in nature...guest speakers and practitioners will give parents lots of ideas and inspiration.  My friend Micaela's blog has a sampling of just such information. Here is a "taste" -- from Mindful Momma:

Healthy Food Blogs Worth Drooling Over

Nothing gets my mouth watering more than a plate full of healthy food.  Maybe it's age, but I'm more likely to load up on a healthy meal and pass on dessert these days.  It's not that I don't love me a good fattening dessert because believe me, I do.  But serious cravings for things like sauteed greens, roasted beets and brown rice send me into a cooking frenzy.  Has this happened to you too?
A lot of my cooking inspiration comes from food blogs.  Most of the time, I'm not even looking for a recipe, but I check out the blogs for ideas, inspiration and new food combos.  Like mixing black beans with mango and cilantro or roasted carrots with honey, butter & apple cider vinegar. That kind of thing.
Would you like to see some of the food blogs I've been drooling over lately?

Nice videos from some of our heroes:
Lunch Love Community 


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